Monday, February 13, 2017

Nathan kawa of care


  1. Hello Nathan.
    I like your D.L.O on the Kawa of care, I like the size of your letters because they are easy to read.
    I like the pictures you have used.
    I like the arrows linking the pictures to the kawa of care.
    Next time you post - I would like to see you write a little something about your D.L.O, it helps your viewers know what learning was happening.

    Can't wait to see more.
    Whaea Sally

  2. Hola Nathan.
    Great work on your kawa of care D.L.O He whetu koe. This remind's me of when was a year 5 we had to do a google slide showing that we know so we can use our Chromebook appropriately.

    From Matthew

  3. Kia Ora Nathan.
    My name is Hannah and I'm from Grey Main Schools Mamaku 1.
    Wow you made a great DLO for your Kawa of Care. This reminds me of when I was a year 5 and we had to show our parents some things on the Chromebooks. Maybe next time you could add why you had to do these things. Other than that I think it was good.

    From Hannah

  4. Hello Nathan, my name is Logan in Mmamaku 1. I like your post because it reminds me of my Chromebook. Maybe next time you could try saying what the Kawa of care is. Bye Nathan.

  5. Hello Nathan,
    These rules help keeps your chromebook safe.
    This is a very good DLO.
    Thanks Lucy From Yaldhurst Model School.

  6. Hi Nathan i'm Mikael from Yaldhurst. the kawa of care is relly good. we got taught that as well. I think the skeletons are a good touch.

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    1. Hi Nathan,

      you did an ok blog post.
      I liked that you made it short and gave the 3 main points for kawa of care.
      You should explain why you did it because people will think, why did he post that? And did he make it ?

      Kind regards Ian.

      Yaldhurst Model School.